• The Best Wurst Plate Ever!

    • $31.95

    Every one of our sausages on one plate! Served with one Bratwurst, one Spicy Bratwurst, one Weisswurst, Knackwurst and one Frankfurter. Includes your choice of two sides. Garnished with a German pickle.

  • Weisswurst

    • $14.99

    Two “white sausage” links made at Bavarian Meat Co. in Seattle, WA, served grilled or in a bath of warm water. Accompanied with a pretzel, German pickle, and sweet mustard.

  • Bratwurst

    • $13.99

    Two pan fried brats served with your choice of two side items.

  • Spicy Bratwurst

    • $13.99

    Two pan fried spicy bratwurst filled with cheddar cheese and jalapenos served with your choice of two sides.

  • Frankfurters or Knackwurst

    • $13.79

    Your choice of two German Frankfurters or one generously sized Knackwurst served with your choice of side item and soup or salad.  

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant currywurst mit pommes

    Currywurst mit Pommes

    • $11.95

    Two German bratwursts sliced and smothered with sweet curry sauce. Served with fries.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant nurnberger


    • $14.79

    Two pork sausages served on a Brötchen (German Roll) with your choice of Sauerkraut or German Potato Salad and garnished with a pickle.


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