• Oktoberfest German Restaurant apple strudel

    Apple Strudel

    • $5.79

    A German Tradition! Warm homemade Apple Strudel served with a scoop of Wilcoxson’s vanilla ice cream. This Apfelstrudel is so good that when you take a bite and close your eyes…You see visions of the Bavarian Alps!

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant molten chocolate

    Molten Chocolate

    • $7.99

    What’s better than chocolate? Molten Chocolate! This Molten Chocolate Cake is served warm and oozing with chocolate goodness. Served with a scoop of Wilcoxson’s vanilla ice cream.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant chocolate torte

    Chocolate Torte

    • $7.79

    A decadent truffle-like chocolate torte served with sweet sauce drizzle and white chocolate shavings. Pairs well with Hot Cocoa 

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant ice cream

    Ice Cream

    • $1.99

    A scoop of Wilcoxson’s Eis (ice cream) drizzled with your choice of chocolate, caramel, or raspberry syrup.


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