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  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant crispy suerkraut fritters

    Bavarian Fritters

    • $9.00

    Four golf ball size fritters stuffed with minced brats, bacon, 3 cheeses & sauerkraut. Served with house-made German honey mustard.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant pretzel bites

    Stuffed Prezel Bites

    • $6.00

    8 Crispy bite-size pretzels stuffed with cheddar cheese.

  • Breaded Cheese Curds

    • $6.00

    Breaded Wisconsin cheesy curds. Crispy on the outside and ooey gooey on the inside. Your choice of Regular or Spicy.

  • Crispy Chicken Bites

    • $8.00

    Juicy white breast meat chicken with a crispy outside.

    Served with Rand, Honey Mustard, or BBQ sauce


  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant brauhaus pretzel

    Brauhaus Pretzel

    • $10.00

    A very large authentic German soft pretzel. Served with two dippings sauces: Beer Cheese, Nacho Cheese, or Butter.

  • German Poutine

    • $8.00

    French fries smothered in your choice of Montana Gravy or Spicy Gravy & Wisconsin cheese curds. Topped with fresh chives.

  • Bratwurst

    • $8.00

    Grilled pork bratwurst served on a bun with your choice of side.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant currywurst mit pommes


    • $9.00

    Two diced bratwursts smothered with sweet curry sauce and served with crispy french fries.

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  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant wiener schnitzel

    Wiener Schnitzel

    • $15.00

    A breaded and grilled veal schnitzel served with a lemon slice and cranberry sauce. Comes with the choice of one side.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant montana schnitzel

    Montana Schnitzel

    • $12.00

    A pork schnitzel smothered in housemade mushroom & onion gravy.  Comes with the choice of one side.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant sharfes schnitzel

    Sharfes Schnitzel (Spicy)

    • $12.00

    A breaded and grilled pork schnitzel topped with spicy brown gravy. Comes with the choice of one side.


  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant chicken cordon bleu

    Chicken Cordon Bleu

    • $11.00

    A juicy chicken breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese. Served with your choice of side.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant fisch mit pommes

    Fish & Chips

    • $8.00

    One crispy 4oz Guinness beer-battered Cod fiillet served with fries and German house-made tartar sauce.

  • Oktoberfest German Restaurant big sky platter

    Big Sky Platter

    • $28.00

    This platter has all the favorites! It consists of a Montana Schnitzel, 2 Bratwursts, and 2 Short Pork Shanks on a bed of Mashed Potatoes, Sauerkraut, and Red Cabbage.

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  • Pommes Frites (V)

    • $3.00

    French Fries

  • Süsse Pommes (V)

    • $3.00

    Sweet Potato Fries

  • Rotkraut (GF)(V)(VV)

    • $3.00

    Sweet Red Cabbage

  • Sauerkraut (GF)

    • $3.00

    Served with smoked ham hock and served warm.

  • Kartoffelbrei (GF)(V)

    • $3.00

    Mashed Potatoes